Clinical Pilates at The Wellness Place, Bassendean, WA

Clinical Pilates has been shown to be an effective method of managing musculoskeletal conditions by improving their strength and mobility with a focused, clinical approach.

From Reformer Pilates to simple floor exercises, our physiotherapists will work with you to enhance your condition by implementing specific exercises and movement patterns.

Pilates uniquely benefits from an individualised approach due to its intricate principals. This is because you are most likely aiming to target small and/or under-active muscles which naturally do not “fire” due to your condition or injury. Bigger and stronger muscles usually take over, allowing the completion of patterns without the activation of correct muscles.

Our specialised physiotherapists at our Bassendean clinic identify which muscles are activated by movement patterns, tailoring all the while to ensure maximum benefit. We keep our classes to one on one sessions, allowing you to benefit from an individualised approach.

To keep the cost under management, your therapist may suggest that you join someone else with similar condition and same level of training in your therapy. With a usual maximum of no more than two people in a visit.

Pilates has been shown to be a great way to keep your mobility or to clinically address your weakness. It can be a component of your overall care or purely become a treatment modality suitable for your condition.

We welcome new pilates patients from across the Perth metro area.

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