Why Is The Nervous System So Important?

By Dr Shinae Brownrigg, Chiropractor

The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal cord and nerves, this is the most vital system of your body. If you think about what would happen if you seriously damaged your spinal cord, you can understand the importance of the nervous system. Its purpose is to coordinate and regulate all the communication and processes within your body as well as help you adapt to your ever changing environment. Some of the unconscious process the nervous system controls are:

  • Producing stomach acid after eating
  • Communicating with the immune system
  • Increasing your pulse when chasing the kids around
  • Reducing your blood pressure when seated
  • Coordination and balance when we are learning to walk or crawl
  • Producing reflex to pain when touching a hot plate
  • Sweating to cool you when it’s hot

Your nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and system of your body. Your DNA may determine your eye or skin colour but your nervous system controls and regulates how your body functions.

If your nervous system were to be interfered with or compromised, these nerve messages to and from your brain would be disrupted or incomplete. Therefore parts of your body may not work as intended or expected. Stroke victims and those confined to wheelchairs are tragic and severe examples of how the health of the nervous system is so important to mobility and quality of life.

That’s why the most significant parts of your nervous system are protected by bone, your spine and skull. Your spinal cord runs through the centre of the spinal vertebrae and your brain is protected by your skull.

Yet, even with this protection, interferences can happen. Especially along the spinal column. The most common (and overlooked) cause is stress. Spinal stress can be caused from a lot of daily activities such as sitting for too long, poor posture, accidents and often repetitive movements.

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