What is your definition of success?

‘Dr Soroush’s Take’:

When it comes to success, I find we are surrounded with this “it is never enough” mentality.  We are surrounded with ever so popular “mentors” and “life coaches” who demand you constantly “improve” yourself and everything about your life…

“Improve your finances”, “aim higher in life”, “get a better job”, “earn more”, “aim to have a better body”, “set goals” and – in a nutshell – be defined as “successful”.

I was personally caught up in this wild ride – where you are technically never satisfied or content.

It’s not a good state.  And, while you may be admired externally by others, the reality may be far from the truth.

What each and every one of us needs to do is to re-define success…

Let me ask you this question – which one is more successful?:

1. a “successful” business man/woman with no or limited connection to his/her family


2. one with less ” success” (at least financially) but constantly creating memories and strengthening his/her relationship with their family and friends?

Again, I guess it comes back to YOUR definition of success.

Let me share with you what I have learnt about this …

There are 3 rules to success, and it all comes down to appreciating and acknowledging the importance of there rules in everything you do:

1. Fun
2. Enthusiasm and
3. Delight

Here is the catch though: none of them has anything to do with YOU.  It’s all about the other person!!

Trust me, following these rules will lead to magic and miracles.  It gives you infinite power and you end up playing a game that you cannot lose.

Imagine this – no matter what the situation, you don’t want anything in return.  Rather, it’s all about the other person…

Are you going for a job interview? Just think about how you can create fun, enthusiasm and delight during that interview, in that workplace, and in that environment.  It’s not about getting the job anymore – it’s all about creating those virtues. You do that, and I guarantee that you will get that job!

Same can be said about your relationship and every interaction you may encounter everyday.  You are in total control.

Re-define your definition of success and then focus on following the 3 rules. Magic will happen and while your focus was on others, suddenly YOU will experience fun, enthusiasm and delight in YOUR life.  Not sure about you , but I call that “success.”