The Three Bears

We all know the story about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Especially the part about the porridge being too hot, too cold and just right.

Think of “just right” porridge as producing a sense of ease. It’s one of the most wonderful and desirable feelings.

When our minds are at ease, we are calm, resourceful and naturally creative. When our bodies are at ease, we sense everything is working as it should and we radiate strength and vitality. And when our spirit is at ease, we enjoy peace, joy and a sense of contentedness.

But when we lack ease it could be said that we are in a state of dis-ease. With time, dis-ease can turn into disease.

That’s what we notice when someone new consults our practice. They’ve lost their ease and they want it back. Since ease is a function of the nervous system, we know just where to look. 

Most commonly we refer to the state of disease as the way of body giving you alarms or cues regarding something not being “right”. Life can sometimes take over and if the dis-ease is tolerable, we all tend to ignore these cues. As it is usually the case, these cues grow stronger and stronger with time. Usually, we notice that these cues worsen very slowly in intensity meaning that we could get used to this new state of being, even though we are moving more and more into state of disharmony.
Pain, disease or malfunctions are usually the very end point of such dis-ease states and at such times we seek attention, care or treatments. 

Do your body and health a huge favour and attend to it in states of disease and long before it enters disease state.