Thankyou to all the amazing women in our lives

Dr Soroush’s Take: 

Like many others, I’m jumping on the band wagon of International Women’s day and dedicate this blog to role of women in our lives.

However, I feel I have a good excuse to jump on this band wagon!

Being surrounded by 3 sisters during my upbringing and now being blessed with three beautiful daughters, I sometimes have defined myself as being almost a girl!  I can tell you – there is not much testosterone in my household! And I know my Dad would have felt the same way!

Being the only boy in my family (yes, yes, you can tease me about being the only boy and the youngest later when you see me!), I was adamant that I wanted to have a boy when my wife first fell pregnant.  I can tell you that I had a deflating moment when I found out that my first born child would instead be a girl.  Here I was, realising that I was going to have a beautiful and healthy baby, yet rather disappointed about her gender.  How disgraceful.

Let me cut to the chase here … three girls later and I cannot describe the amount of joy (and at times headaches!) they have given me.  I feel overly blessed and could not have asked for anything else.  They have fulfilled my life and I feel honoured to have three beauties in my life.

On this important day, I extend my gratitude to my mother who gave up so much to raise her 4 kids; I thank my sisters who have taught me so much and who have shaped my personality; I am grateful to my beautiful wife for being such a great mother and friend to me; and I celebrate all the mothers and women out there who play such amazing and important roles in our lives; as mothers, sisters, daughters, partners or simply friends.

I love Khalil Gibran and find his writings to be of utmost beauty.  His writings about women is yet another gem I found too beautiful not to share here:

“Women opened the windows of my eyes and the doors of spirit.  Had it not been for the woman-mother, the woman-sister, and the woman-friend, I would have been sleeping among those who seek the tranquility of the world with their snoring.

A woman’s heart will not change with time or season; even if it dies eternally, it will never perish.

A woman’s heart is like a field turned into a battleground; after the trees are uprooted and the grass is burned and the rocks bones and skulls, it is calm and is silent as if nothing has happened; for the spring and autumn come at their intervals and resume their work.

Writers and poets try to understand the truth about woman. But until this day they have never understood her heart because, looking upon her through the veil of desire, they see nothing except the shape of her body.

Or they look upon her through a magnifying glass of spite and find nothing in her but weakness and submission.”

I hope you all had a very Happy International Women’s Day.

– Dr Soroush