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Dr. Steve Lee

Dr Steve Lee is both a sports chiropractor and exercise physiologist. As such, he focuses his energy on providing patients with the latest research and techniques when it comes to musculoskeletal and sports injuries.  His passion in sports chiropractic has also led him down the path of working with the Australian Volleyball League.

Dr Steve absolutely loves sports: both as an athlete and as a sports therapist. His first degree was in exercise science and sport performance. He used to play volleyball on scholarship so was playing 30+ hours/week, which is where he really learned the difference between amateurs and pro athletes. This is what led Dr Steve down the road of being a sports chiropractor. With a degree in Exercise Physiology and Masters in Chiropractic, Dr Steve has since gained vast experience working in multi-disciplinary practices and sports injury management.

Steve also has a post graduate diploma in Sports Injury management, undertaken training in Advanced dry needling, Rock tape application and active release technique with ample experience in managing professional athletes and amateurs alike. He has been a Chiropractor to State and National volleyball team players and roller skaters as well as martial artists.

As a Sports Chiropractor, Dr Steve has a special interest in musculoskeletal injuries. In addition to neck and back pain (which chiropractors are best known for), he spends a lot of time attending seminars, reading research and more on injuries relating to muscles, joints, and other sports related injuries (ankle sprains, hamstring strains, rotator cuff injuries etc.)  In addition to his Chiropractic duties, Dr Steve is currently embarking on a PhD on golf injuries in association with Golf WA.

What you’ll find with Dr Steve’s treatment is that he provides a whole range of techniques; his belief is that every patient is unique in their own way so different patients may find certain techniques more effective.  What Dr Steve aims to do is have a whole range of ‘tools’ (techniques) at his disposal so that he can best serve any patient that walks through his door.  These techniques include dry needling, active muscles releases, cupping, manipulations, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, rigid/kinesio-taping, rehabilitation exercises, and the list goes on. You’re in safe, caring and expert hands with Dr Steve!