Performing At Your Best

The Wellness Place has a long history in helping athletes perform at their best.

With lead involvements at WAIS cycling, WAIS water polo, Swan Districts Football Club, International Track Cycling events, National Water Polo league and state Muay Thai Championships, we have assisted hundreds of athletes as they overcome injuries, improve their performance or simply sustain their intense level of training without setbacks.

The Wellness Place team was selected to manage and provide care to Australian water polo Olympics team during the Beijing Olympics. This was followed by involvement at the Hopman Cup tennis tournaments as one of the official therapists for international athletes.

We have looked after many national and international athletes. Helping almost all of our clients perform at their peak.

Despite the glory of managing international athletes, we believe in care for all people at all stages of life.

We have had an active involvement with our local communities. Including local sporting clubs, running complimentary educational sessions on injury prevention, and providing free care and screening. We have always been passionate about looking after the next generation of sporting heroes.

Peak Performance Institute was launched in 2021 with the intention to elevate the level of experience and involvement to a whole new level. By putting a structure in place to assist both professional athletes and our “local heroes”, people on all levels can achieve their best.

At Peak Performance Institute, we love to work with our local community. Providing care to the athletes who aspire to pursue their sporting passion in the form of professional athleticism. These athletes often soon discover their next level of performance requires with the support of a team.

The Wellness Place is a unique clinic with close to 10 different modalities and disciplines and over 20 practitioners to assist you moving up through the next levels of performance.

Elevate yourself, Perform at your peak.

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