How do you react to a serious trouble, challenge or change in your life?

‘Dr Soroush’s Take’: 

“You start the year, you set yourself all the resolutions in the world (even if, deep down, you know you may not going to stick with them … but a part of you wants a change, so you keep telling yourself “yeah, let’s make a change”!)  You plan big.  And then suddenly, out of nowhere, it all goes to hell when your partner tells you they don’t love you any more; or you have an accident and injure yourself; or you have a major upheaval in your business; or you get laid off; or whatever else that may seem to be trouble, a serious challenge or simply a change.

Let me guess … you feel your world crumble, you feel worthless, you feel this is it… your lowest of low is here?

I was talking about this to a good friend of mine Karine, who is a beautiful soul.  She said something that resonated with me so much …

“When you are faced with something that troubles you, when you think a challenge is such a pain, when the trouble is an inconvenience… it’s actually a GIFT…”

It’s the way the universe or the higher power is wanting you to stop and think: make a decision about your life, your relationship, where you are going and the paths you have chosen so far.  Now your reaction will determine where you head from here – this is a pit stop where you check your vehicle of life…

Are you functioning as you should have? Are you going where you want to go? Where is this path taking you? Would you change anything in your life?

The challenge is not the “trouble” that you thought of it anymore. Yes, there is pain.  Yes, there is grief.  Yes, there is the tough time ahead.  No one likes a change, but a year or two from now, your reactions to this challenge will set you on such a different path that you will be amazed how grateful and humble the universe can make you.

It’s important that your reaction is calculated and this “forced stop” in your life is not wasted.”