Food for Thought…And Your Spine!

Is your diet spine-friendly morning, noon and night?!

Try to incorporate these foods into your breakfast, lunch and dinner for a healthy back around the clock.

Breakfast: Keep your bones strong with calcium, which can be found in popular breakfast fruits like oranges, kiwis or blackberries.

Lunch: Reach for a crunchy salad complete with spinach or kale, both of which are high in iron. Iron aids in the production of myoglobin, a crucial component of healthy muscles—which are necessary to support your spine!

A good dose of protein and hearty salad would make you feel on top of the world!

Dinner: Vitamin B12 is essential for healthy bone marrow and allows your skeletal system to function and grow as it was meant to. Fish, red meat and poultry are all great options.

And with all of this eating, don’t forget to find time to visit our practice for your next appointment!! Even better if you feel like you need to get clearer information about the type of food you need to eat to help you with your health, do not hesitate to speak to Nancy our Clinical Nutritionist. Simply call us on 08 9379 3838 and one of our friendly staff will assist you.