Eat Bacon and Egg to be healthy?

It seems every week we hear something in the media about the dangers of eating, drinking or coming into contact with one substance or another. 
There is a growing trend of studies supporting carnivore diet. There are many experts who support consuming fat as your energy force rather than carbohydrates. Meanwhile, there are many medical experts who advise you to reduce your fat content to assist with your cardiovascular health. 
Cancer and cardiovascular support groups and government organisations, advise sufferers to avoid red meat, increase their vegetable intake and reduce their cholesterol levels below 4. On the contrary, others advise you that a carnivore diet with extremely high intake of red meat will actually reduce your cholesterol and help you with cancer treatments. There have also been many studies published which support the fact that cholesterol levels have no impact on risk of heart attacks!!
Look hard enough and there would be some study that extols the health benefits of many foods which we were told to avoid such as bacon, eggs, high fat foods, carbohydrates, hot dogs, coffee, margarine, wine, wheat, fluoride, barbecue, tuna, and red meat.

Are they good? Are they bad? Not sure?

Consider this. For every person who has developed cancer or some other malady from one or more of these items, millions have not. In fact, many in their 80s, 90s or older claim their secret to longevity was the result of eating or drinking something we’ve been told is bad for us.

Kind of makes you wonder. Maybe it’s not the substances. Instead, maybe it’s our attitude, stress level, ability to adapt (nervous system integrity), the toxicity of our environment and a constellation of countless other issues at play.

What do you think? Let us know on your next visit.