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Dr. Olivia Goodger


About Dr. Olivia Goodger
Dr Liv’s ultimate goal is to work closely with each patient to identify their unique goals and provide an excellent care plan that works to address their issues. She has a holistic approach to health, focusing on healthy lifestyle habits, so that patients can live their best self, pain free!

Dr Liv uses a variety of treatments to craft the perfect care plan for her patients and help those with pain and injuries – including manual adjusting, low-force techniques and soft tissue techniques including dry needling. She also uses tailored rehabilitation to help patients move better and create long term changes to their health.
Some specialised conditions I work with other than the general aches and pain – headaches and migraines (inc hormonal related headaches), pain related to hormonal disorders including endometriosis and PCOS, pregnancy related lower back pain and postural issues, scoliosis.

Dr Liv’s journey to chiropractic began in high school when she discovered she had a tremendous interest in science, specifically human biology. Coupled with her passion of helping others, she understood that chiropractic was one of the best career paths forward that would allow her to accomplish both.

Dr Liv graduated with distinction from Murdoch University Perth, WA with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic.

When she isn’t changing lives in the practice, Dr Liv enjoys spending time outdoors and with her family and dog. She loves to cook and travel to exciting new places.

Get to know more about Dr Liv when you book your next visit with our practice. She looks forward to seeing you!

Areas of Interest

  • Children
  • Pregnancy
  • Women’s Health
  • Athletes
  • Community
“I highly enjoy working with children and pregnant women.  I have a particular interest in women’s health, but I love seeing all members of the family – including athletes.  I’ve worked closely with Sports Chiropractic Australia at many events including the Mullaloo triathlon and with the Australian Lacrosse Association. I love getting involved in the community to promote good health and wellness.”