Clinical Pilates: “Motion is Lotion”

By Senior Physiotherapist Ali Chhagan

Our Clinical Pilates program is a major part of the injury rehabilitation & prevention focus at The Wellness Place Bassendean. It is an individualised system of Pilates that is clinically and scientifically proven, specifically tailored to each client’s needs.

Many gyms & studios offer Pilates classes – the difference here is the individual tailoring of your program even when participating in group treatment sessions. Clinical Pilates treats injuries using a direction-specific program that is determined by thorough history taking & physical assessment. It also highlights left-right asymmetries in your body, & your program is tailored to correct these imbalances.

As well as 1-on-1 private sessions, we have small group classes at any time of the day. Each person in the group does their own personal program under the close supervision of their physiotherapist teacher. This delivers the ideal balance of personalised attention & feedback while still building a fun, social & supportive feel within the groups.

Clinical Pilates is perfect for managing injuries, enhancing postural control & core strength, improving body awareness & increasing flexibility.

Clinical Pilates can assist with the following problems using reformer machines:
• Disc injuries
• Whiplash
• Neck and back pain
• Headaches
• Pre and post natal
• Pre and post surgical rehab

It can improve the following:
• Posture
• Flexibility
• Core stability
• Exercise tolerance
• Overall strength and toning
• Breathing
• Balance

Please note: when you book a Pilates session with Ali you will receive a rebate with your Private Health Insurance.

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