Meet the Team

Charles Jones

Remedial Massage Therapist

An experienced therapist and personal trainer, teacher of boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu, Charles has a passion for improving one’s strength and holistic wellbeing.

Charles offers myotherapy options including remedial, deep tissue, and sports massage; myofascial dry-needling; and joint mobilisation  – managing both acute and chronic issues.

After playing junior football and rugby, Charles shifted his focus to strength training, boxing, and Kung Fu, sparking his interest in human anatomy and physiology. Following a move to the UK he gained invaluable experience as a qualified personal trainer, training Paralympian athletes in the UK before returning to Australia where he continued his work and graduated with an Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy in 2010.

Prior to joining the Clinic, Charles worked as a remedial therapist at clinics in Richmond, Brighton and Hawthorn and ran a successful home business for seven years in Melbourne. While his clientele has included people from all ages and walks of life with various mobility problems, he has also treated elite cricketers and athletes, current and former AFL players, junior state and national athletes in swimming, diving and tennis. Charles has also supported local football clubs with his work as a trainer and volunteered his services to treat participants in the Oxfam Walk and after the Melbourne Marathon.

Charles is passionate about improving the wellbeing of his clients with a strong focus on education, prevention and rehabilitation. In addition to his work here, he continues his work as a personal trainer and teacher of both boxing and Wing Chun Kung Fu