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    • 28 AUG 15
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    Fresh new design concept for The Wellness Place Bassendean’s new facade!

    Fresh new design concept for The Wellness Place Bassendean’s new facade!

    We’re considering 2x fresh new design concepts (courtesy of the outstanding Function Creative) for the exterior of our building.

    We’re keen to hear what you think of this 1st design concept? And please check back here next week when we reveal the 2nd design.

    The wait with all the renovations going on is going to be absolutely worth it!

    We’re beyond thrilled about what the future holds for our centre, both outside and inside. And we appreciate your patience as we go through this necessary transition phase from the Bassendean Wellness Clinic (also known by some as the Bassendean Chiropractor) to The Wellness Place Bassendean. We look forward to sharing with you all developments during this process, both for the outside of our building and inside – including the completion of our beautiful 2nd building next door with a dedicated exercise, yoga and pilates studio and new IT/communication systems meaning shorter waiting times for our patients – as well as online with more updates to our website at www.thewellnessplace.com.au. We’re always looking at how we can improve to give our patients a total heathcare and wellness experience with our offering.

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