Tradie Thomas getting back to his best with help from Danielle


To mark the conclusion of Tradies National Health Month (, a fantastic initiative by the Australian Physiotherapy Association, we turn the spotlight on Thomas Beere, a tradie patient of one of our passionate Physiotherapists Danielle Wakeham.  From Danielle:

“Thomas is a supervisor who started physiotherapy in June this year for a severe episode of lower back pain.  His pain was a flare up of a previous lumbar disc injury that occurred 2.5 years ago. When Thomas first saw me he was in a lot of pain and had lower back spasms that restricted him from even reaching his knees. This pain and restriction stopped him from being able to work during this time.

Through physiotherapy treatment and Thomas’s great compliance with his home exercise program and guidance given acute symptoms were able to be reduced quickly. Currently we’re working on addressing contributing factors that triggered this recent episode and working on using a combination of exercises and Clinical Pilates as part of that management to reduce the likelihood of another episode happening.

Physiotherapy is not just about reducing pain but additionally is important in ensuring that injuries and conditions are less likely to reoccur, or worsen in the future. Pain shouldn’t be ignored, especially when it keeps reoccurring. Injuries and conditions can worsen over time if certain factors are left unaddressed. Seeking a physiotherapist can assist in a greater well-being at work and a continued ability to perform within a chosen trade.”

The goal of our healthcare centre is to help you get back to your very best – at work and at play.  If you’re experiencing any pain that won’t go away, book in with one of our practitioners today.  With our expertise, kind and respectful treatment and quality education, we will work alongside you on your journey to optimal health.