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    • 08 SEP 15
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    World Physiotherapy Day!

    World Physiotherapy Day!

    World Physio Day

    Complete these five simple challenges on World Physiotherapy Day Рas demonstrated here by different members of The Wellness Place team Рto help increase the amount of movement and activity in your daily routine.

    1. Desk less! Instead of emailing the person 3 desks away, get up and talk to them! (Jackie & Danielle)

    2. Stop eating lunch at your desk – take a walk at lunch instead (Maria)

    3. How many times do you visit the ladies or gents a day? Every time you go to the bathroom, lunge your way there. You can then tick off your daily glute workout (Emma)

    4. 3pm is squat-o-clock! APA legend Margaret Dea completed 102 squats at 102 years of age. If she can do it, so can you! (Alison)

    5. Meeting time? Try a standing meeting and increase that blood flow (Soroush & Louise)

    It’s the small lifestyle changes that count in the long-run.

    Will you be completing this challenge? Take pictures and share your photos with us.

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